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The legend of the Brindos Lake

Learn about the magical Legend of the Brindos Lake !

Images d'antan du lac de Brindos

” Once upon a time – when the beasts still spoke (some continue to speak today) – a very old beggarwoman lived in a wooden hut on the edge of the Lac de Brindos.

No one knew who she was or where she came from. Some said she was a chiromancer, others said she was a witch; everyone was afraid of her.

If there was no moon, she neither appeared during the day nor at night. But as soon as, through the clouds, the slightest silvery ray of light was reflected on the calm waters, the old lady emerged.

With her long, gnarled stick in her hand and her grey hair falling around her wrinkled face, she settled herself down near the reeds. There, she waited, muttering strange incantations.

At times she lit a small fire.  Its smoke rose straight up, even when it was windy.  This petrified the local fishermen.

One of them, the most curious, decided to observe the woman closely one night. Carefully hidden behind a large tree, he knelt down and waited.

There was a full moon that night. The lake sparkled like a sheet of metal under a cold light. Not a leaf moved and no-one could hear the frogs happily croaking in the rushes.

The old woman hobbled down the path and sat on the bank. Midnight struck. She arose and stretching out her emaciated fingers towards the water lilies, she pronounced words in a language that the fisherman could not define. A miracle then unfolded.

From each water lily sprang an utterly beautiful woman dressed in veils finer and lighter than the wings of a butterfly. There were two, three, four, twenty, a hundred…

The lake was filled with dazzling angels.  They began to dance. On the Enchanted Lake, before the eyes of the fisherman, a unique ballet unfolded in the light of the watchful moon.

Between the glides and the springs, the fairylike wings both soared up, aiming to join the sky, and inclined, ready to plunge into the lake.

It is said that, as of that evening, once a year, on 14th September, the prodigy recurs on the dot of midnight. “

Illustration de la légende de Brindos