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Our Basque Coast Spa

Wellness & spa

Wellness & Spa

The Spa Ec(h)o in Anglet

A confidential, original and elegant universe in a green setting...

Located in the commune of Anglet, just a few kilometres from Biarritz town centre, the Château de Brindos estate welcomes you to enjoy a wide range of activities in a setting that invites you to relax and enjoy peace of mind. The entire estate features a restaurant showcasing local produce, a pool area with a bar area where you can discover our most popular signature cocktails, and our Spa éc(h)o in the heart of the Basque Country, where we offer tailor-made massages in association with the Gemology range of eco-responsible products. Whether you’re a hotel guest or just passing through, make the most of our different areas to recharge your batteries!


A wide range of treatments

Living well in Anglet

Treatment rooms on the water…. The true ritual of the traditional hammam revisited with Basque identities…
A unique and magical atmosphere to transport you to another place, ensuring you experience a moment of gentleness, serenity and well-being…
Natural elements such as plants, water and minerals will be put to work for your body and mind. Your treatments will be based on Gemology products, France’s leading mineral cosmetics brand, which will use its precious and semi-precious minerals to enhance your skin!
You’ll also be able to discover a complete range of wellbeing services to help you find the practice that best suits your needs and desires:
yoga on the water or in the studio, personalised sports coaching in private or group lessons, we’ll offer you tailor-made packages!
Whether in our fitness room, in the great outdoors or during our wellbeing retreats and weekends…

A wide range of treatments

Signature treatments and massages at our spa just outside Biarritz

Our intuitive and personalised massages
Whether you’re alone or in a duo, we give you the opportunity to choose your plant oil as well as the scented note that inspires you for a bespoke sensory experience. In addition to this treatment, we offer a supplement for the application of a diamond gel mask from the Gemology skincare range.

Our energetic massages
This practice comes from traditional Chinese medicine to encourage circulation and vital energy in your body. You can also discover a traditional Colombian massage bringing you an immediate feeling of lightness.

Our Gemology gemstone massages
This exceptional treatment promises total serenity thanks to the presence of Rose Quartz, Rock Crystal and Agatha gemstones.

Our Signature Treatments
For three hours, lulled by the ambience of the water, immerse yourself in optimal relaxation with our signature “Swan Lake” and “Aintzira” treatments!

A range of exceptional products

La marque Gemology

Gemology, natural products offered in our wellness centre
Within our wellness area, we use various natural products from the famous Gemology brand. It is the leading mineral cosmetics brand. Founded in 2008, it offers top-of-the-range products with a composition based on the use of precious minerals, all with total respect for different skin types.

Gemology, the benefits of trace elements from minerals
After many, many years of research and a particularly advanced scientific approach, Gemology was born in 2008, offering the extraction of trace elements from minerals in order to incorporate them into various skincare formulas. As well as offering paraben-free, gluten-free and ethanol-free ingredients, the brand is 100% eco-friendly, for ever more ethical consumption. Its products are available for both men and women: creams, scrubs, make-up removers, hand creams, shower gels, scrubs, perfumes, candles and much more.

Take your beauty products with you after your treatment or stay in Anglet
After your wellness service, extend the moments of well-being at home by taking a unique treatment from the Gemology range with you. We particularly recommend their face and body scrubs, unisex products designed for all skin types, to pamper yourself after your stay in Brindos, Lac & Château!

Brindos wellness activities

Prenez part aux différentes activités proposées par la Maison

Personalised coaching
Alone or in a duo, you’ll benefit from totally personalised training, by prior arrangement. For between €60 and €120, we’ll offer specific training in your room, the château’s fitness room or outside by the lake.

Personalised yoga sessions
On reservation and subject to the coach’s availability, you can try a private yoga session in your room, outside, or facing the lake. Choose the yoga theme that best suits your needs. Monday and Saturday evenings and three Sundays a month.

Aquagym and pilates classes
Take advantage of our swimming pool to take part in aquagym classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays. You’ll be able to work your muscles effectively but gently. We also offer Pilates classes for in-depth muscle rebalancing, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Group fitness classes
During your stay on our estate, don’t hesitate to opt for a group class to rediscover all the sensations of a good sports workout, all for €25 a class. From Monday to Friday, we offer 100-step training, while at the weekend you can opt for a running session, centred on the conviviality and good humour of a group session.

Brindos wellness activities

Take part in the various activities offered by the Maison


We offer our customers tailor-made massages to suit your needs. Whether alone or with a partner, our gemstone massages will sublimate you and bring you the soothing relief you need.
To extend this unique moment, we also offer other activities and relaxing areas such as :

. Our traditional Hammam area revisited with a Basque identity
. Private yoga lessons, in your room or outside
. Personalised fitness coaching
. Dance, meditation and pilates classes
. A swimming pool offering aquagym classes.

Extend your moment of relaxation in the other establishments of this estate on the Basque coast

After a treatment, sports coaching or an afternoon by the pool, there’s nothing quite like prolonging the experience of ultimate relaxation by indulging in the pleasures of our other areas of the estate. We invite you to visit our restaurant and bar, where you can discover our range of signature cocktails.

Opening times and address

Our Brindos estate can be found at 1, allée du Château in Anglet. We invite you to keep up to date with all our latest news, using our Facebook or Instagram page. Don’t hesitate to send us any requests you may have, via our contact form or by telephone on 05 59 51 53 63.

Open daily
10:00 – 19:00

The Ec(h)o Spa in Anglet

A private, original and elegant universe in a haven of greenery…

Soins au Spa Ec(h)o de Brindos

Beauty cabins on the water…. The true ritual of a traditional hammam revisited with Basque character….

A unique and magical atmosphere ready to accompany you on a delicate and serene journey of well-being… Natural elements, such as plants, water and minerals will indulge your mind and your body. Gemology products, the leading French brand of precious and semi-precious mineral cosmetics, will be used for your treatments!

Discover our Well-Being suggestions and choose those that best meet your expectations and your desires: yoga on the water or in the studio, private fitness coaching or group lessons…
make the most of our tailor-made offers! Whether in our Fitness room, surrounded by Nature or during our retreats and our Well-Being Weekends…

Open every day
10am – 7pm

Gemology, l'allié bien-être du spa Ec(h)o