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Brindos Anglet, hotel restaurant & spa

Brindos Anglet, hotel restaurant & spa

Nature, Traditions and Legends …
A Tribute to the history of the Basque Country nestled in an incredible rural setting!

A magical Chateau on the banks of a legendary lake, ideally located between the hinterland and the ocean …


Our Lake view Cocoons

Whether as a one-off treat or for more accustomed travellers, enjoy one of our intimate bucolic cocoons and the Millesime way of life: that of luxury.
A fairy tale parenthesis…


Our Floating Lodges

Embark for an enchanted and magical night in one of our 10 self-sufficient and fully equipped floating lodges on one of the largest private lakes in France…

Traditions & Fantasy:

The Lake pontoons, the Saloon, the Bar

In a relaxed lounge atmosphere or in a more festive ambiance, choose your ideal spot for a unique experience, exceptional cocktails and fantastic liquors.

Generous, Convivial & Authentic:

The Conservatory and the tree-lined Terrace

Allow your five senses to be awoken by the distinctive and perfectly balanced Basque cuisine in a magical setting inspired by the lake’s Legend…
An exceptional gourmet experience!

Comforting, tasty and nostalgic :

Our Chocolaterie

With a panoramic view of the lake, our Chocolaterie is the perfect place for chocolate lovers of all ages. Sitting comfortably, experience chocolate in all its forms, with original recipes signed by the emblematic House of the Basque Country: Cazenave!
Enjoy all the temptations in the Kingdom of Gourmet…

Relaxation, Rest & Fitness:

The Spa

Allow yourself to be immersed in the heart of our natural elements: the swimming pool, the hammam, the sauna, the waterfront yoga & meditation area, for solo or duo treatments. Taking care of your spirit, is just as vital as taking care of your body.
Do not hesitate to book your well-being appointment in our dedicated centre!

Unique & Unforgettable:

Your Events

Enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of our spaces… Business events, seminars, private receptions, weddings: You can trust us!

Tailor-made & Exceptional:

Our Services

Discover our exceptional services to satisfy all your requests and desires to sublimate your stay in our house on the edge of a lake of legends!

Surprising & Greedy :

Our Gift Boxes

Between the hinterland and the ocean, Brindos Lac & Château offers itself under the Millésime label. Just a few steps from Biarritz, offer an unforgettable stay in a magical and bucolic environment…
An exotic experience that will make your loved ones travel!

Magical & Surprising:

The Legend of the Lac de Brindos

The lake is the glory of the Chateau de Brindos. The story goes that one moonlit evening, under the words of a mysterious old woman sitting by the lake, fairy-like creatures, shrouded in white veils, emerged from the water lilies and filled the entire lake. The start of a ballet… the night of the enchanted lake…